by thesweetestoccasion


You will need:

  • an old paper grocery bag
  • Elmers glue
  • a glue gun
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • scrap cardboard

How to Make a PRIZE RIBBON

  1. From your grocery bag, cut these shapes PrizeRibbon2
  2. Fold the long rectangle into an accordion, with the folds about 1/4 inch wide. Then fan out the folds and hot glue the ends of the rectangle together, making a circle. For stability, also hot glue a small circle of cardboard onto the back of the folded paper. PrizeRibbon3PrizeRibbon4PrizeRibbon5
  3. Spread Elmer’s and sprinkle glitter onto your remaining shapes. PrizeRibbon6
  4. Finally, assemble all of your pieces; hot glue the glittered circle onto the center of the folded brown piece, and hot glue the two ribbons in an upside-down V shape, peeking out from behind the folded brown piece. PrizeRibbon7 PrizeRibbon8

More info and tips can be found at thesweetestoccasion


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