by thesweetestoccasion


You will need:


  • Glass containers (preferably with smooth, straight sides)
  • Glitter (I used Martha Stewart Crafts glitter in Wintermint and Bronze from Michaels)
  • Foam brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • ModPodge (Glue)


  1. For the first vase, used a small cylindrical vase and using the foam brush, applied a thin and even coat of ModPodge on the interior walls of the vase. Next up, dumped in a generous amount of glitter and rolling the vase in my hands, tapped the sides to get the glitter to evenly coat the ModPodge. GlitterVases4 GlitterVases5
  2. Then just let the vase dry. It takes a few hours, depending on how thick you apply the ModPodge. Any excess glitter can just be scooped up and put back in the original container for reuse. If you miss any spots on the vase, simply apply a second coat using the same technique using a thin layer of ModPodge, then applying glitter and swirling to coat.                   GlitterVases6 GlitterVases7
  3. For the second vase, used a mason jar and went for a glitter-dipped look. First up, mark off your jar with a piece of painter’s tape. How much of the surface you want to be covered in glitter will determine where to put the tape. Went about 2/3 of the way up. Then cover the area below the tape with ModPodge using a foam brush.                                                                                                                                                                   GlitterVases8 GlitterVases9
  4. Next up, used a copper glitter and coated the outside of the vase. You’ll get a big mess with this one so make sure you have kraft paper or something similar covering your workspace. Then simply fold the paper up like a funnel and sift the excess glitter back into the jar when you’re done. Once the glitter/glue combination is dry, apply an additional thin coat of ModPodge on the outside of the glass (or spray with a spray sealant being sure to protect the area not coated with glitter from getting sprayed) to lock the glitter in place! GlitterVases10 GlitterVases11GlitterVases12 GlitterVases13
  5. Once everything was nice and dry, I had two of the prettiest vases going! These would also look adorable holding makeup brushes on a vanity or keeping pens and pencils neat and tidy on your desk. Glitter! Seriously, who doesn’t just love glitter?GlitterVases14 GlitterVases15 GlitterVases16 GlitterVases17

More info and tips can be found at thesweetestoccasion


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