by Front & Main

I saw this idea here couple days ago — and always thought it would be so fun to do these soon.

You will need:

• Tall Glass Jar
• rocks and stones as filler
• rocks and stones as decoration
• activated charcoal
• potting soil
• plants (ferns and mosses)
• preserved moss
• billy buttons (Craspedia)

How to Make a Terrarium

  1. Start with a clean and dryglass jar. Add a layer of rocks along the bottom for drainage, about an inch deep.     
  2. Add a thin layer of charcoal to keep your terrarium’s environment healthy and mold-free. A layer of soil comes next, though I added a layer of small rocks first for a little more visual interest. 
  3. Be sure to leave enough room for plants when adding the soil, and keep the leaves away from the glass. If they touch the sides, the condensation could lead to mold or rot.  
  4. Add a little more dirt around the plants to create an even, level surface. You could stop there, but this is where you get to add the fun stuff. I chose a hunk of rose quartz and a pink agate slice, along with some pyrite (fool’s gold) and a few polished stones. I also included some billy button stems, which should dry nicely and retain their color and form. 
  5. Place the terrarium in a spot where it will get indirect light, give your terrarium a light watering, and replace the lid if there is one. If you see condensation starting to form at any point, open it up and let it air out a bit. If the plants are looking a little sad and droopy, they probably need more water. It should be fairly maintenance free, save for some occasional pruning to keep growth in check. 

More info and tips can be found at west elm’s blog, Front & Main.


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  1. I’m in-love with this! I think I’m gonna try this pretty soon. ‘Hope you dont mind if ı’ll feature this on my blog?

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