DIY Wrap Bracelet


by Honestly…WTF

You will need:

  • 44-55 inches* of 1.5mm leather cord
  • 12-15 inches* of brass ball chain or crystal chain
  • 58-72 inches* of waxed linen cord
  • a 1/4″ brass hex nut
  • a pair of scissors

How to Make a Wrap Bracelet

  1. Fold the length of leather cording in half to form a loop. The loop should fit around the hex nut, which serves as the clasp. Run the tip of the waxed linen upwards along the leather cord and towards the loop. Then wrap around the base of the loop at least 5-6 times, working downwards in the opposite direction. This secures the waxed linen cord and is the start of the bracelet. 
  2. Place the ball chain along the leather cording with the end of the chain meeting the end of the wrap. Holding the ball chain against the leather cord, wrap the linen around tightly. 
  3. Continue wrapping while checking it for fit around the wrist. 
  4. When you have reached the end of the ball chain wrap the linen cording around the leather strands 2-3 more times. Tie a knot with all three strands. 
  5. Thread the hex nut through the strands and tie a second knot. 
  6. Trim with scissors and your wrap bracelet is finished!! 
  7. The materials are listed for a double wrap bracelet. For a single or triple wrapped bracelet, divide the measurements by 2 and multiply by accordingly. Experiment with crystal or other types of chain! 

More info and tips can be found at Honestly…WTF.


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